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About Washington Green.
Washington Green is part of the Halcyon Fine Art Group which for the last 35 years has specialized in representing and developing some of the finest painters and sculptors. As a publisher of fine art, the company translates original works into fine quality collectable limited editions and sculpture. The artists represented by the company are diverse in subject matter but all share the unique position of being the finest in their field.

The translation from original art to collectable editions and sculpture is a unique marriage between publisher and artist. The resulting editions are of the very finest quality and presentation, many of which sell out upon release to an increasing number of collectors.

Our goal is to create awareness of the talents of our artists, offering original art, limited editions and sculpture through a nation-wide network of ‘Partnership Galleries’ These galleries offer a great environment to view and enjoy our collection. They break down the barriers of traditional art retailing and are, we hope, educational and inspiring. They combine art retailing with the staging of exhibitions and promotions. Collectors enjoy regular invitations, information and updates on all of their activities.

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