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Nic Joly.

History & Background.

Nic started his artistic career in a stained glass and metalwork workshop in the south of England. He then went on to study at The Winchester School of Art in Hampshire. After producing various privately commissioned works in glass and bronze he enrolled at John Makepeace’s College, Parnham House, to take an apprenticeship in furniture design and making. Whilst training Nic took part in an exchange program and studied at The Art Institute in Chicago. He left Parnham in 1996 and was awarded all three of the graduation awards at the Cork street exhibition. His intricate figurines are made from wire, paper and clay and have gained considerable press coverage.
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Ideas & Inspirations.

What began as Nic's hobby has transformed into a passion for sculpting minute depictions of everyday life. Nic has long been inspired by the works of Hieronymous Bosch and Bruegel, explaining how, "one gets lost in their intricate works, and the feelings they evoke". "In my own small way I strive to create my own worlds and sculptures to ask and bring to the forefront the dilemmas and questions that we all feel and face day to day, as well as highlight the madness around us".
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