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Peter Smith - Impossimals

England, 1879

Limited Edition Canvas on Board of 95
Image Size 32" x 14.5"
Framed £550.00

Lady Pompidoo, one of the most respected French aristocrats, held a passion for French pastries and sweets. She amassed vast stocks of the cakes which were kept securely in a special room called the Cakeararium.

One day she noticed a gap had appeared in her precious stocks. In a bid to solve the mystery, Lady Pompidoo allowed one of her most trusted maids to hide in the Cakeararium. Shortly before midnight the maid was surprised to find herself standing face to face with an ornate tallboy in the centre of the room.

The next day the maid told her curious tale to Lady Pompidoowho and she decided to investigate.

Very slowly she offered a plate of fancies to the tallboy. From out of the top draw came a furry pink-nosed head with amber eyes followed by two more woolly faces which appeared from the bottom draws, this time with lemon and purple noses.

Lady Pompidoo and her French Fancy Filly (as she called it) could regularly be seen at Pompidoo Hall sharing plates of French Fancies. It was a friendship that lasted many years and was commemorated in this painting, a painting which Charles Burroughs - our renowned explorer - was commissioned to paint and eventually formed part of a brief touring exhibition.


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