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Peter Smith - Impossimals

1874 - 1876, London

Limited Edition Canvas on Board of 95
Image Size 30" x 18¾"
Framed 595

Named in honour of Thomas Edison's creation of the Edison Electric Light Company in 1878, this slippery slithery sidewinder is also said to have been the inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes in 1887 when 'A Study In Scarlet' first appeared in Beeton's Christmas Annual.

Noted for its peculiar 'S' shape when standing, it sports a deerstalker hat and can regularly be seen smoking a rather ornate pipe.

Charles captured his Edison's Sherlock Sidewinder using a goldfish bowl laced with coca leaves. Returning to Great Britain he kept it on his book case for many years until one stormy night, his Sherlock Sidewinder lit its pipe and slithered away after hearing the particularly baleful howl of a hound.


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